Message from the President & CEO

Our founder and Chairman, Hussain Ibrahim Alfardan, has built Alfardan Group on the values of trust, distinction, and a dedication to service excellence. His deep-rooted integrity has always been his currency, which created a bond of dedication and distinction that can be found in each and every Alfardan business interaction.

As such, our corporate mission is to maintain and enhance our exceptional standards; inspired and motivated by our family values and corporate culture.

Alfardan Group is fully committed to deliver products and services that satisfy market demands and exceed client expectations. Driven by a passion for quality and excellence, and guided by its core corporate values, Alfardan Group will continue to lead the way as the most dynamic and successful family-owned business conglomerate in Qatar and in the region. With the company’s strong values revolving around passion, mastery, evolution, trust, and distinction; the Group will surely continue its journey to success.

Our vision is to achieve success; fuelled by our passion and family values. Alfardan Group’s passionate approach has always been the driving force behind its successful operations. The Group is built on an uncompromising commitment to investing the necessary time and effort to ensure its product offerings are always of the highest quality. Alfardan Group strives to master the business sectors it invests in with the aim to always exceed expectations.

We remain confident as we look ahead in our journey. Our future looks bright, owing to the commitment of the people that choose to work with us. The leadership of Alfardan is deeply humbled by the ambition, dedication, and delivery of each employee who individually and collectively reflect the Alfardan culture.

We feel privileged to work with such an exceptional group of people. With such a strong team, we are also empowered to face the future with the utmost confidence and excitement.

Under the visionary leadership of His Highness the Emir Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Bin Khalifa Al Thani, the State of Qatar has provided the ideal environment for Alfardan Group to grow and explore new frontiers. Alfardan Group will continue to move in step with Qatar’s National Vision, as we work towards building a more prosperous and sustainable future to the best of our ability and to the highest of standards.

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Alfardan Group has established itself as one of the leading family-owned conglomerates in the region for more than 65 years.

A business enterprise built around traditional family values and an uncompromising commitment to integrity, premium service and social responsibility, Alfardan Group is one of the leading family conglomerates in Qatar and the region. Throughout its long history of more than 65 years, Alfardan Group has successfully evolved from a pearl trading enterprise, into one of the top businesses covering a wide range of industries and sectors. By staying true to its roots and honouring its tradition of high standards, Alfardan Group is a company that customers and businesses confidently trust. Alfardan Group's passionate approach has always been the driving force behind its operations. Whether in the jewellery, property, hospitality, healthcare, automotive, marine, or the financial services sector, all Alfardan offerings are associated with the highest standards of quality and exclusivity. The Group strives to achieve a mastery of the business sectors they invest in, with the primary aim to exceed expectations. Alfardan Group is dedicated to continuously improving and raising the bar to an ever-higher level of service. The Group has proven itself as one of the strongest and most prominent brands in the Qatari market for its unparalleled excellence in the region. Alfardan Group is currently internationally present in the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Oman, Turkey, and Switzerland.

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Alfardan Group is one of the region’s renowned conglomerates, successfully contributing to Qatar’s commercial landscape.

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The Alfardan future looks more exciting than ever before.

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